passenger 56

Finally leaving the café, he straightened his silk maroon tie, even though the not itself was loosened. He thought to himself (who really wears tightly knotted ties anymore anyway?). With the café only three or four meters behind him, he looked out onto the street and then down it one side. There was an uneven line of parked cars, as you would find on any European street, but a man was standing up next to one car, with the door open, as if he was waiting for someone, or something. Our man wearing the maroon tie, did not get a good enough look at the man next to the car, but he did notice that the car itself was dark grey, and expensive, no doubt a BMW or Mercedes. That was all our man in the maroon tie could muster, because nearly seconds later there was a huge explosion that threw him even further from the café out into the street where a car which had just started up again after having been stopped at a traffic light collided with his body after it hit the ground having been heaved from the café’s destruction.

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