Syria, seriously?


mr. hope & change has come

full circle,

come out to show his true colors,

to be the arm of the companies that got him where he is,

to sell the weapons, to fly the planes,

to try out the new toys in


like the American people need




like we need the few funds that we have left,

used to bomb the fuck out of another country

that will hate us &

spiral out of control,

echoing a domino effect of hatred across the region

as well as boosting up recruiting for all those groups


“terrorists” by this government of

“the land of the free” that

armed to the goddamned teeth,

cannot be stopped.

do not tell us,

you puppet hanging from strings,

that we are in control,

that “our representatives” are going to make a


based on our interests—

we are an exhausted people,

wanting UNIVERSAL healthcare

which you will not give us,

rather throwing a pittance of bread crumbs at us

forcing us all to buy healthcare or pay a fucking


we are an exhausted people,

seeing more kids come out of college to get a job

that they could have got,

without going to college—

we are an exhausted people

who are sick of being talked to as if we have been


when it comes to any of this maniacal


we KNOW that this is a practice run to

bomb & vaporize


we KNOW that this will never ever


you act out of your own homicidal insanity,

mr. hope & change,

and not the will of any of those individuals

sick to death of the tyranny within these



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coming attraction

president hope & change grows more corrupt to the


as most figureheads do when they are fed a few more

years of

power &

with his hope & change comes

the new BRAIN Initiative,

whose puppet master,

the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),

paints a pretty picture for the public,

saying that the Department of Defense will be able to

simply scan the brains of suspected terrorists,

instead of torturing them,

in order to get what information they want

so that we will all be



are you looking forward to having your own brain


are you looking forward to being dragged in by the cops

who found you with the drones,

that will use the new brain scanning technology

that slid neath’ the public radar

with dreams of “curing brain disorders like autism,

epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia and



to congress president hope & change goes,

to get the $100 million,

to get the ball rolling,

to ensure that as this empire continues to decline &

the gap between the rich & the poor continues to


that there will be yet another way to fuck with those

who haven’t got a thing—

to the podium he goes

to be a good lil’ puppet,

to do the bidding of those who paid his way,

just like he said he would.


(the thought police are coming)

coming attraction

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the demonologist

think of the state of boredom

in which 45% of americans exist,

wherein they believe their lives are

exciting enough

to have “ghosts” visit them from



understand that the demonologist

has read all the works of fiction &

uses them to “combat” the “specters”

that are conjured up in the heads of these






just like in the MOVIE

created in HOLLYWOOD,

he rambles biblical nonsense

speaking of “jesus”

in order to

“exorcize” the



the power of “christ” compels you…

the power of “christ” compels you…

the power of “christ” compels you…


is there any coincidence that

these bored individuals have lived in the


in the


working at the


for decades?


might not these mighty mundane morons

be making something up in their heads

in order to convince themselves that

their lives are



the demonologist plays the static sounds,

the “EVP’s”

that the believers think are voices from the



he encourages them to spill their emotional blood

out on the table for him to

analyze & get back to them with his assessment.


they feel like they are a part of something,

they feel that finally someone is taking their insanity



with the lights down low &

the candles out,

the demonologist whispers to himself


the demonologist

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remember the random acts

you will remember the random acts

of kindness

that have brushed your way,

when your way begins to wind down,

when the body begins to give up,

when exhaustion kicks in—

you will remember the random acts &

wonder why you didn’t do the same—

you’ll remember all the times that you

questioned your own motivations &

went the other way—

you’ll remember that you worried about this

or the other & then

turned away—

you’ll remember that there had been humans

that did more for you

than you have ever done for them &

you will remember that you’d been influenced

by reasons that all added up to



it is the kindness that comes without a tag,

it is the kindness that comes without the attempt at

getting a gold star from someone, from something,

from somewhere,

it is Blanche’s

“kindness of strangers,”

which will be remembered

when you lay there on the deathbed—

no, it won’t be the relatives who

long for something after,

be it material, be it an end to the emotional weight that

you seem to have brought them,

be it the look in their faces that spin a thousand


which do not come with malice but a want to stop

the inevitable—

all that is instant

all that is permanence

coming in slow motion,

all this is expected &

it will not cloud the moments that another human cared for


only for the sake of

doing so.

remember the random acts

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“the most famous man who ever lived”

hollow is the story of “jesus”—


like the stamp with which it was printed,

hollow as these other mythical hero


which all bear a supernatural birth,

which all bear the hunting of said hero

as an infant, with an exciting & dramatic

subsequent getaway,

which all bear the entertaining magic tricks during

the hero’s youth,

which all bear the blind adoration, devotion &

worship that follows

when he is seen as “divine,”

only to be betrayed, executed &

for that big fat finale…


(which all christians want to happen for them as well,

be it secretly or not)


and then, of course,

our hollowman gets

made into a martyr

for which history is supposed to

weep & remember,

weep & remember,

weep & remember.


to say that “jesus” was a man,

to say that he lived at all, that his life was in any way

original or authentic,

is to say the same of Osiris, Hercules, Baal, Attis, Adonis

& Asclepius (to name a few)

were all real people…

all who mr. “jesus” bears just a little more than


liking to.


still, over 40% of americans

believe that “he” is going to return within the next 40


this of course has nothing at all to do with

the relative age of those asked &

what their lil’ dreams are of getting to be on the

planet when “he” does, right?


(throat clearing)


having created a character of fiction,

one which can be mentioned to be

“the most famous man who ever lived,”

seems a bit gratuitous, doesn’t it?

but then again, those who believe it

are the same who believe that there is a

place that they can go

when they are dead &

they will get all the gold stars that they’ve been


all the years that they have been alive—




who will create a “history” in order to

provide themselves an


all so they can sleep at night.

“the most famous man who ever lived”



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good ol’ backwards North Dakota

wouldn’t want to be a woman in

North Dakota,

cause’ choice just ain’t happenin’ there.



if you’re a woman who gets raped in good ol’


North Dakota,

since they just shut down the last abortion


all those bible thumping,

christ screaming, pro-lifers,

will be telling you to give birth

to a constant memory of the man who

raped you,

because they fucking said so.


wouldn’t want to be a woman in


North Dakota,

because i’d be unable to decide what to do with

my own goddamned body,

due to the fact that the




want me to kill my dreams of having a career

before settling down with a kid,

so they can feel like they did their



wouldn’t want to be a woman in North Dakota,

unless i had enough money to get on the

quickest fucking train

out of there

& gee willikers,

doesn’t that just feel fucking dandy

in “the land of the free?”

good ol’ backwards North Dakota

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christian drama week

forget the fact that the


written in the “old testament”

just happen to be


in the “new testament,”

because the writers of the

“second book”

read the first one &

just created a character that

would follow suit,

like a badly written sequel

to a b-movie.


but for those who believe that

the fiction is true,

this week brings the


this week brings the “blood!”

this week brings the



and the


that believers need

in order to cover up the fact that

they have no special meaning at all,

just like the rest of us,

it comes in with the little plants in their hands

on “palm sunday”


it leaves with the boiled colored eggs on



what would these desperate individuals be

without their drama?

what would they fill their mundane lives with

if they had no stories to believe?

what would they do if they had no second act to

run to?

what would they do

if they had to dwell in the nothingness with the rest of



maybe, just maybe,

they’d stop trying to convert & make people believe

their story—

maybe, just maybe,

they’d stop trying to silence or kill those who don’t

believe their story,

maybe, just maybe,

they’d live for today &

take responsibility for their own lives.

christian drama week

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